Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Come, Child

Key of David and Sceptre of the house of Israel; you open and no one closes; you close and no one opens. Come, and deliver from the chains of prison those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death.

lost gloves2011

God sits on a chair of darkness in my soul.
He is God alone, supreme in his majesty 
I sit at his feet, a child in the dark beside him;
my joy is aware of his glance and my sorrow is tempted
to nest on the thought that his face is turned away from me.
Jessica Powers

Someone made the comment recently that Christmas should be where it was before the calendar changed - about two weeks ago or so. I have to say, I disagree. There is something viciously Lenten about waiting through these dark days and especially tomorrow, the darkest of days when the sun barely finds the desire to raise its head from the horizon.

There is something in the thought that in a few days Joy will enter the world and it won't be enough; because it wasn't last year and I have the darkest fears that, in part, it's my fault. 

'Be gentle with yourself' is my usual penace after Reconciliation, I admit to finding that hard. This evening it was to 'count my blessings' - this I could do - quite methodically but without much joy.  Whilst it isn't a mood that I would ever wish on myself or any other; I have experienced this enough by now to know that this is a ennui that will be defeated by the Child.

Child of Light
The Child has no chair of darkness - his bed is fodder for animals 
and he has often 'nested' in my arms.
I never need to wonder at the expression on his face because 
our eyes meet often and full of love. 
Shadows are no more than resting places 
and his key opens the heart.

As in the last few days of my own pregnancy - I want this Child and I want him now.



log said...

Out of the darkness comes the light and from the light comes reflections. May God be with you Mairie. Laurence+x

Word in the Hand said...

thanks Laurence - reflection needs both darkness and light - trying to keep it in balance is the hard part. m+x