Saturday, 22 December 2012

Magnificat Reflection

Reflection on the Magnificat

My soul proclaims
its nearness to the Lord
delighted and fulfilled.

But my heart aches
broken by the accusation of my own people
shattered by stones of mistrust and judgment
No angel's promise of comfort - rather 
Life's pathway set out in shards of flint.

A flinty gaze fills my eyes
and they widen, seeking the future road
staring into dark shadows;
welcoming the desert heat
that burns away the tears of hesitation
before they fall - 

They fall, regardless

Each breath a tightening 
a measured in and out 
words said and unsaid
considered, found wanting

But not 'yes'
Never 'yes'.

For always - 'yes'.

My heart aches with Love.
With Love too much to be contained
yet unrecognised.

With Love that will lie in my arms
bloody and helpless
more than once.

With Love that will live within me 
and without me
for more than Abraham;


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