Friday, 21 December 2012

Lamentation for the End of the World

The world will end today
It will end in hospital wards
in speeding cars
in shop doorways
in dark alleys
It will end in unrequited love
rejection and betrayal
denial and loss
in goodbye
It will end in dreams shattered
expectations dashed
starved ambition
It will end in abuse and misuse
in humiliation
random acts of neglect
The world will end today
and another and another
until the weight of the universe
presses down on human hearts
And a new world will not be born
If Pandora's box cannot be made
of rough timber and straw
if Hope will not fit in an infant's hand
The world will end today



claire said...

Beautiful, Word. And true :-)
I have a feeling that a new world is born today...

Word in the Hand said...

what a blessed thought - Blessings