Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Feast of the Archangels

Circle of Protection

I call on the mercy of the
Sacred Three
To send circles of angels
To protect me.
And the mighty Archangels
To stand over me
To shield me with their wings.
To the North, stand Michael, Prince and Warrior
To the South, stand Gabriel, Speaker of Truth
To the West, stand Raphael, Healer and Defender
To the East, stand Uriel, Lightbearer.
May they be comrades in arms
Guardians of faith
Beacons against the darkness
Sentinels of God's Love




claire said...

Thank you for this, Word. I will keep it. I may need it :-)

Word in the Hand said...

I feel it's one of those beliefs from childhood that we leave behind and would be better to bring with us - there are times we all need this protection :)