Saturday, 11 September 2010

Darling Grace

Salt-laden breezes carry gulls' cries and seals' songs
Mermaid lullabyes in a seathrift cradle
Storm built walls of foamy ocean
Seahome calls.

Tucked against the length of her, the coble’s oar shivers
Remembering the thrum of the waves; windblown hair
Tension of muscle over bone; wood against iron
Boat; body - one.

Spectral sailors cry and call in vain; whilst in the graveyard
The wild sea woman cast in stone, can do no more
trapped now, in Gothic grandeur
‘Save Our Souls’.

Grace Horsley Darling (24 November 1815 – 20 October 1842)  the daughter of a lighthouse keeper who,aged just 23, along with her father, saved 13 people from the wreck of the SS Forfarshire.
Buried, within yards of the sea, in St Aidan's Churchyard, Bamburgh, Northumberland -
we can all be heroes
response to the Round Robin Photo Challenge


Linda said...

Welcome to Round Robin! What a great picture---certainly a shrine to this young lady.

Rich said...

A nicely exposed shot, and well written post.

ellen b said...

Welcome to Round Robin. What a very lovely shot you chose to share!