Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Lindisfarne Pilgrim

Here I am

Held in the palm of Your holy place
Fled from the gravity of daily life.
I perch on sun-warmed rock.
Heavy honeyed air is
Stirred by ancient breezes.
Almost beyond hearing
Seals sing Jacob’s mantra
‘Here I am’.

Poised on the promontory of faith
Sun and wind send their might against me.
And I stand, not bowed but exulted.
Fused to this place.
Sun Spirit,
Air Spirit,
Earth Spirit
Glorious Trinity of all You are.

Your breath on me is intoxicating, incisive,
Eroding pretence and artifice.
Leaving me standing bare boned
Before You.
Eyes closed against your crimson gaze.
Daughter to the island,
Sister to those gone before.
Here I am.

Blessed be



Lynda said...

This is so beautiful. The words themselves sound so rhythmic and gentle. I love the sound of words when they are written in this way. I can picture myself in that place "bare boned" before the "Glorious Tinity of all You are".

Thank you very much for sharing this.

Word in the Hand said...

Very welcome Lynda - it's a wonderful place +

Saskia Scott said...

This is beautiful, thanks for sharing it - I love the reminder of God's glory in creation.