Thursday, 14 June 2012

Sacred Heart of Jesus

We certainly have a macabre sense of what is Sacred in the Catholic Church.

For many years I avoided the Sacred Heart statues with the excuse that I didn't need to have God's love  to be made quite so obvious.

After all what is it trying to say? That Jesus loves us with all His heart? If it was simply this then it is definitely ostentatious.

But Jesus is God made man and this is a ‘God made human’ heart. 

The love of God the Father to give us His Son as a man.

The heart that is a symbol of mortality. The love of Jesus to accept all that being human meant. I’m fairly certain in my own mind that God does not have to eat, sleep, go the toilet, get blisters from walking or cook the tea for his friends; but that’s what this God did – a heart as big as...

The heart that is the symbol of morality – a new morality for the time – where sinners and the unclean were loved because of who they were, not who they might have been.

The love of Jesus that teaches Love as the whole focus of being – Love God, Love your neighbour – but do it all the time, not just the nice neighbours, not just when it suits you.

The heart that is the symbol of courage – the courage for Jesus to accept the sacrifice he was asked to make and the courage to challenge us to believe.

The heart that is the symbol for passion – Jesus – God - loves every one of us with a passion. It’s not a tame, ‘only when you’re good, only when I’m in the mood’ passion. It’s an ‘I want you all the time, no matter what’ passion.  

The heart that is the organ responsible for pumping blood around the body. In the Eucharist we celebrate the mystery of the wine being consecrated into the Blood of Christ; this gift of sacred joy; of spiritual strength. A gift that is meant for ourselves and for others - take, eat and act in memory of me-   do this in Jesus’ name.

We are the Body of Christ, and it is Jesus who provides the strength, the energy, the force to move the Grace of God within our community and onto other people. The Grace that never ceases to pour down upon us. How big a heart would that take?

It takes Jesus’ heart.

When my own heart is crazed with wounds and cracks there is no-one else who understands; who is prepared to take on the burden; who is willing to hold his wounds open to show me that he will never forget what it is like.   

We are loved with the heart of a God – what more can we ask?



claire said...

What a great post, Word. Thank you.
I will spend my day with it :-)

Lynda said...

This is something that I will read repeatedly as it is very inspiring and devotional. I have also been enjoying your posts on the Archangels on Brigid's Mantle. The prayers are very beautiful.

Word in the Hand said...

Thanks and blessings to you both m+x