Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Brigid's Mantle


I haven't had a project for a while; although thoughts have been going through my head - I love the idea of a prayer book, a Book of Days, a dedication to the Celtic saints and spirit that I feel very much a part of and inspired by. Somewhere the blessings and writings that I do and those I have been fed by.

For whatever reason, today, St Cuthbert's feast day, seems the day to stop procrastinating and start doing- maybe it's a part of the Lenten transformation - maybe it is just time.

To concentrate my mind - there is a new blog Brigid's Mantle that I would like to invite you to. No doubt I will be linking from one to the other as they develop. Like Brigid, I hope that the words, images and videos will offer hospitality and blessing to all who pass by.


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Philomena Ewing said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea -Apologies: I am way behind with your posts.