Saturday, 16 July 2011

Here be dragons

I don't often stray from my Gospel but I thought I would make an exception for a recent addition to the family. Last week was my birthday, and my children decided that I did not have enough to look after at the moment (?!) and, after all,  that this was something I would really, really want - having gone through every pet imaginable from cats to rats to snakes, chickens and tarantulas I now have - a dragon.

A baby bearded dragon but nevertheless - he has the right 'dragon' attitude already.

Philomena over at Blue eyed Ennis
noticed the contemplative nature of cats - well, Henry - my birthday is St Henry's day so it seems appropriate - despite being only a few months old can already show cats a thing or two.

He is something of a desert brother, by nature; wishing, needing,  to live alone. He has a tai chi attitude to hunting his food (crickets) and a calm and measured demeanour to all these new experiences that moving into our home entails.

I think he may well teach me a thing or two over the years.



Philomena Ewing said...

Isn't he gorgeous and I love Henry's qualities - maybe he is too young yet to breathe fire but please let me know when it happens !!

Jade said...

He is adorable!
I love the way you describe him.

Mari said...

What a wonderful present! Happy b-lated birthday :) He looks so adorable, I now would like a dragon too.


Word in the Hand said...

Thank you all - he is settling in nicely :)

claire said...

Word, what a wonderful birthday gift! What a wonderful companion, totem, symbol...
A Belated Happy Birthday :-)