Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Godisnowhere - the Return

We have had the strange experience of starting and ending the year with real winters- snow, ice and cold; weather warning and travel restrictions.  

Last winter I had a series of blogs called godisnowhere - which translated to 'God is nowhere',  'God is now here' and, quirkier but relevant at the time, 'God I snow here'.  God certainly gets my attention with snow. Despite (in spite of) the inconvenience I love this weather; in this weather I know where I am or, rather, where I would wish to be. 

This weather makes me wish for well wrapped up walks with muffled blanket silences and ice-sharp cracks of sound followed by warm and peace-filled conversation or  'feet up with a book' evenings. At least that is what I have been wishing for - but have not been getting. 

The duty to work, the duty to shop, the duty to 'christmas' is weighing heavy - and heavier yet because, in this weather - it's just not right.  But duty has a way of getting its way; finding alternatives; putting on  the pressure to 'carry on regardless'. This 'carrying on' is a worldly concept -a stubborn attempt at not letting circumstances get one over on you. But if God has a hand in it then it is running away and it's dangerous to run in snow. 

 If I lived further north in the deeper cold or on an island measured by the changing tides then I would hear it more clearly -  it is time to join the land in rest; to treat the world with respect; to treat myself gently. 

Nevertheless, I hear it. 




claire said...

Interesting post, Word. Godisnowhere. Fabulous all the possibilities.

As for me, I no longer have a duty to work. I don't feel a duty to shop because our Christmases are turned lean. As to the duty to Christmas, again, as it gets simpler every year, I have time for 'interiority' (do you use this word in English?)

I wish you many many lovely walks in the silence, and silent moments, and great times in the darkness that loves and enfolds and protects and cherishes.

Thank you so much for your blog which feeds me.


Word in the Hand said...

Thank you Claire - much as I don't wish to wish my life away I look forward to a time with less duty - I shop less and Christmas simplier - but there is 'opposition' as to how far I can go. The time for interiority (I will use it now) is precious.
Thank you for your own words of grace and spirit.