Thursday, 26 August 2010


Mindfulness is not about simply being quiet or still. It is about finding a centre within you and filling it with grace.

Then, just as a glass tumbler filled with clear water becomes a magnifying glass so this grace filled centre becomes a way of seeing the world through God's eyes. It concentrates the gaze and gives a sparkle and a unique lightness to everything it sees,no matter how small or mundane.

When you are quiet or still; this is simple to achieve with time. The trick is to take that tumblerful of clear water and start carrying around with you wherever you go; using it to concentrate your vision; to see within.

 And there will be distractions but don't worry too much about spilling it; especially when the droplets become tiny lens themselves finding treasures of their own. And remember it is there for you to drink from, should you need to; with an eternal invitation to return to the Source to be filled again.


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Barbara said...

A beautiful way to express it!