Tuesday, 18 May 2010

God Mother

We are the apple of our God Mother’s eye.

Nestled outside Time in the velvet warmth of Her womb
Our lives a filigree painted on the palms of Her hand
Names forever on Her lips.

We are the children She dreamed;
before She dreamed of anything else.

The Word spoke
And the Word drew Creation out of Darkness
A home for Her beloveds.

Then God Mother saw that it was good
And the Light of the Word
Became light for Her children
And shone even in darkness.
So we would know She was near.

Know She is near-

In the breath of the morning breeze
Feel Her caress
In the dread of fear
Feel her Wings around you
In the sound of laughter
Know Her joy
In the release of tears
Accept Her healing
In the dark of being alone
Bathe in Her light

She will never leave us orphans
God and Mother of us all
beyond the counting of the stars
Each and every one of us

A god child.


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