Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Praying the Scripture - Daddy

Opening Prayer

Here I am Lord,
Speak to me
within my heart and soul.
I am listening.

Romans 8:16 (The Message)
We know who he is,
and we know who we are:
Father and children.


God’s desire is for us, all of us, to be with Him.
The only thing we need to do is believe it too.

We don’t have to listen to the man rules –
we don’t have to make ourselves bad, guilty, ashamed –
that is our judgement;

not God’s.

God knows we are human –
we do human things –
He made us –
He loves us.

With love,
what parent has a child so perfect that they never make a mistake?

With love,
what parent disowns a child for a childish mistake?

With love,
what child does not learn from his mistakes?

With love,
what child does not expect to be forgiven?

It is not making the mistake that is sinful,
but the inability to admit our flaws or to ask for help.

Because it is the helplessness,
of being in the wrong place
that allows us to become that lost child who waits for God,
our loving Father,
to pick us up and take us Home.

We are pretty comfortable these days with the phrase Children of God. It is a comforting phrase – suggesting protection, belonging and perhaps a little exclusivity.
But often we are guilty of acting -not like the innocent, loving, open-hearted toddler that Jesus so often points to -but rather as a child going through the ‘Kevin the teenager’ stage- how familiar is this?

Only going to the Father when you want something:
Convinced that he doesn’t understand;
Accusing him of not caring:
Telling him what he should do;
Knowing that you know better:
Convinced that you are old enough to make your own mind up:
But – still needing him around to blame when things go wrong’

In contemplation, take some time to think about where you are in your relationship with God the Father.
What sort of parent is he – what sort of child are you?
Are you thankful for the relationship just as it is?
Can it be made better?
Spend this time sharing how you feel with God, speaking with the confidence of a little child.
Give thanks for this time as you make your way a little further along your journey of faith.

Closing Prayer
May the blessing of the Sacred Three
The Father who gave us the Word
The Son who is the Word
The Spirit who opens the Word within us
Be with us today and evermore.

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