Monday, 24 November 2008

Christ the Universal King

Sunday 23rd November

Jesus spent most of his time showing us that, in his humanity, he was one of us. And yet we still feel that we have to revere him as ruler over us. Perhaps, from a respect point of view, this is true. Nearer the end of his ministry he did admit to his Messiah-ship, but even then only to those in authority - so they would know who and what to expect when judgement came. One of his final acts, you will remember, was the washing of his disciples feet. Not really a 'kingly' act. Not an earthly king in any case. But Jesus came to turn the tables and question the way the world thinks. If he is a king then what kind of king is he?

Servant King

In the Great Hall stands the Throne
Empty and expectant.
For the Christ is not here.
He does not sit in majesty,
He does not sit in judgement
He does not sit in power.

He does not sit at all.

The Servant King is about his people.
The poor, the lonely, the weak,
The unwanted and unloved
Are the courtiers of his kingdom.

His boots are worn from the road,
His robes stained with the grime of toil.
His hands laboured raw,
Gifting healing and love.

A shepherd’s staff his sceptre
So he gathers them in
And brings them
To the Greatest of Halls
Where a seat of honour awaits

and Lazarus is poor no longer


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