Friday, 10 October 2008

Always look on the bright side

Luke 11:15 - 26

In front of the crowd Jesus casts out a demon from a man who couldn't speak. This isn't his first healing; there must be plenty of people in the crowd who have seen him work, maybe some he has healed and yet even if they don't quite believe he is God can they joyfully accept at least that his gifts comes from God? Can they heck.

'Yes it looks good, but it's a trick', 'Is that it?', If he can get demons to do that, he must work for the devil himself.'

Sometimes we just don't know how to say thank-you. It seems that the human condition expects for glasses to be half-empty -

'Well I am healthy but I could be prettier', 'I am well-off but I could be rich', I am loved but I could be lusted after'. There must be a demon called But.

We need to get rid of 'But'. One of the favoured teachings of spirituality today (through Thomas Merton, Richard Rohr) is the idea of being present in the present.

At this moment I am here with God and I am glad to be here, knowing that my entire existence is thanks to God. In the next moment I will try to feel the same and in every other moment, when I can remind myself. Because I and God can't do anything about what has gone and perhaps not much about what will be, but now, this Now, the least I can do is say 'Thank-you'.


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log said...

What a gift it is to be able to sit at the feet of Jesus and to tell Him, "Thank you." I recall many years ago an elderly Liverpool docker imploring us with passion, "Cultivate an appreciation of the simple things and you won't take things for granted and if you don't take things for granted you will be grateful to God." At the end of a large meeting I found him at the sink washing the dishes! Gratitude in action. I also recall an Irish priest saying that there could be no more an efficacious prayer than to say thank you to God, especially if undergoing a tribulation. I know from my own experience that after suffering and being obstinate, that when I say the words "thank you" my suffering begins to lift. Thank you for your inspiration Mairie.